Covid 19

Fishing can start on the 15th of March as usual. Fishing will be for members only, and just one person per boat. Full details are linked. Please help us by always logging your visit to the loch with the secretary whether you have caught or not.



Gatehouse Angling Association was founded in 1927 when 6 trustees were granted the fishing rights on Loch Whinyeon and the lower River Fleet by the Cally Estates. In 1958 these rights were withdrawn following the resignation of the last surviving trustee. The Association then acquired the fishing rights on Lochenbreck and Woodhall. The rights on Woodhall were given up in 1966. Loch Whinyeon was leased to the Association for 50 years in 1965. At the A.G.M. of 1965, the Gatehouse and Klrkcudbright Angling Association was formed.​
Lochenbreck was stocked with Brown Trout until 1969, when Rainbow Trout were introduced. After a 70s experiment with Brook Trout Rainbows were re-introduced in1989, since when they have been stocked regularly throughout each fishing season.
Our season runs from March until the end of October when the boats are taken off, although members can fish from the bank until the end of November. Whinyeon remains a Brown Trout only fishery, with fishing only from the banks.
This comparison of catches at Lochenbreck makes interesting reading:
1973: total fish caught=1142
average weight 2.56oz.
number over 4 ozs. 162
number of rods 221
Loch Whineyon
Our original 50 year lease for the right to fish Loch Whineyon expired in 2015. I’m pleased to say that after prolonged discussions we now have a further 50 year lease on very satisfactory terms. The loch has been lightly fished in recent years and that was the case again in the 2019 season, but now we have secure rights again we wish to try to re-establish boats at the loch, especially as we are allowed to use electric motors, unlike at Lochenbreck. 
Loch Whineyon remains bank and fly fishing only. We have not been able to re-establish boats at the loch due to Covid but intend to do so when conditions allow. The 2020 Whineyon Cup was won by James Corson with a brownie of 3/4lb.
Loch Lochenbreck

There was good fishing to be had in the 2020 season once we were allowed back onto the water. The Lochenbreck Cup was won byNorman Dunbar with a 14lb whopper. The average fish caught weighed 2lb 3oz. Rod numbers were of course down on last year due to Covid with visitor numbers being particularly hard hit. Let’s hope that visitors can be welcomed back for at least some of this season.

If you catch a good trout this year and would like a picture to go on to the website please be in touch.

James Vasey.png

James Vasey with his Cup-winning fish, estimated 15-17lb, caught in August 2019.

Rob Mcalpine.png

Rob McAlpine with a 10lb Rainbow 

Caught August 2019

Rob Miller.png

Rob Miller with a 10lb Rainbow

Caught  March 2019

Finally, as the season approaches, if you have never fished but would like to start, or have forgotten how, please get in touch and we will find someone to help. See Contact Us under the More Pages tab.