Covid-19: resumption of fishing.

Covid-19: Guidance for fishing at Lochenbreck from 3.7.20


Travel.   The 5 mile limit is relaxed from 3.7.20. However there should not be any car sharing as the 2 metre rule remains, unless from same household. 


Who can fish.   Club members and visitors are now allowed. (Membership is available from Thomson’s in Kirkcudbright and Phil Downs, see below.)  Persons who have been shielding may now fish under the same rules as other anglers. Anyone with symptoms that could be Covid related may not. There can be no society or competition angling.


Please Note:   Do not go through the gate at the Summerhouse and jetty, on the West bank, to fish. This area is private to the owners and Out of Bounds to all anglers.


Booking fishing.   Boats can be booked in the usual way, see Outlets below. It is not necessary to book for bank fishing.


Social Distancing.   The 2 metre rule remains in force. Keep 2 metres or more apart from another person. On arriving at the car park allow for this. If you arrive just after another angler, be patient. Give them time to move off before you do yourself. Similarly at the oars hut and when leaving the loch. Fly fishing naturally keeps us apart more that 2m anyway.


While fishing.  Maintain social distance from arrival to departure. Do not share equipment, food or drink. Do not net a fish for another angler.


Boats.   For now it is to be strictly one angler per boat. This is recommended by ASL amongst others.


Sanitising.   It is the responsibility of every angler (as recommended by ASL) to bring their own hand sanitizing product, and those who are taking a boat must bring disinfectant wipes as well. Sanitise hands on arrival, before and after dealing with the oars hut, and on leaving. Wipes must be used to clean boats and related equipment, before and after use. See Outlets below.


The weighing-in hut remains closed.

Each angler must contact Peter Taylor, club secretary, by email: after their session. If you cannot access email please phone 01557 815326. The angler must give contact details, fish caught and estimate of weight.

This is absolutely essential in order that we have a clear record to be used for NHS contact tracing, which we are required to do as part of the relaxation of lockdown; and to help us judge as a club our needs for restocking.


Outlets.   Member’s season tickets, visitor tickets and boats (3) are available at Thomson’s in Kirkcudbright. Visitor tickets and boats (2) from Spar in Gatehouse; and also now, member’s and visitor tickets, and one boat, from Mick Daly, Airds Farm B+B, Crossmichael, DG7 3BG, Tel. 01556 670418.

Spar have hand sanitiser and wipes in stock. Supersave in Kirkcudbright, near Thomson’s, also have plenty of stock.


Electronic payment for Membership.   Anyone wishing to join who prefers to pay by bank transfer please contact the treasurer, Phil Downs, by email initially,


Publicising these guidelines.   The guidelines will be put on the website, sent to all email contacts we have, and James will put it out on Facebook. We will put posters up at the car park and at the weighing in hut. Members are asked to spread the word.

Same Household.   Here different rules apply e.g. social distancing, car sharing, equipment sharing, being allowed between themselves. Anglers from the same household may share a boat.


GKAA  3rd July 2020.

Fly Fishing in Dumfries and Galloway (Scotland)
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