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Health and Safety Rules:


The renewal of our Forestry Lease depends on our adherence to these Health and Safety advices and recommendations. An A3 copy is displayed prominently in the Oar Hut. Please read and abide by them:


1.  Lifejackets must be worn at all times when using the boats. If you do not have your own, they are available in the             Oar Shed. 


2.  Boats must only be taken out by competent boat users. 


3.   Always carry a mobile phone, and let someone know where you are and when you  expect to return.


4.   When boarding, make sure the boat is moored and stable, always step into the  middle of the boat, ensure both               oars are on board before pushing off.


5.   The number of persons must not exceed the limit stated for the boat.


6.   Ensure the boat is secure before disembarking, do not step on the side of the boat to access the jetty.


7.   Persons using the boats, and jetties, do so at their own risk.


8.   Do not lean too far over the side to net a fish, use a long-handled net.


9.   In the event of a thunderstorm, head back to the jetty and shelter in the hut.


10.   Do not fish under trees in windy conditions.


11.   When bank fishing always enter the water carefully, the floor of the Loch is stony  in places with deep holes,  a                 wading  staff is recommended.


12.   If using waders above thigh depth, a buoyancy aid is recommended 


13.   Always check for people standing or moving behind you when casting


14.   Take care on paths; wear suitable footwear and be aware of mud, tree roots and branches 


15.   Do not cast , or carry assembled rods, near overhead power lines.


16.   Weils’ Disease is transmitted in animal urine, including rats and cattle. Wash your hands, or use antiseptic wipes              before eating, and cover any cuts or abrasion with waterproof plasters.


17.   There is a low entrance to the fishing hut; mind your head.  


18.   In an emergency call the Emergency Services on 999. If you cannot get a signal make your way to the Farmhouse. 


19.   You are recommended to wear suitable eye protection.



                                                                                                Enjoy your day - don’t take risks!


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